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Perfect from JustJazz Visuals on Vimeo.

Starring Nigerian beauty Oreka Godis & the stunning Nathaniel-Antonio Lloyd, Perfect is a film about Love & Dreams with a beautiful twist.  


Lekan & Amara live in different parts of the same city but have never met. However, every night for 3 years they dream about each other & eventually fall in Love. Watch Lekan & Amara as they try to work out if its better to go & meet the person of their dreams in real life or listen to their friends who have lots of other ideas. What would you do?
  • Written & Directed by HKB FiNN
  • Actors: Oreka Godis, Nathaniel-Antonio Lloyd, Zoiè Smith, Abdul Shyllon & Be Manzini
  • Music: Guillaume Poncelet & HKB FiNN
  • Length: 18:18
  • Year: 2016
  • Genre: Romance
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Sona Jobarteh’s debut music video “Gambia” in celebration of the Golden Jubilee of Independence for the Gambia in 2015.

This video features the traditional Mandinka Drum called the ‘Seruba’, an instrument no longer featured much in Gambian mainstream society. By featuring the drum in this song, Sona aims not only to resonate with the deep history of the Mandinka people, but also to boost and promote awareness of this instrument both in the Gambia and internationally.

See www.sonajobarteh.com

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AfriKàBa Adventure No. 1 – The Griot & The Wisdom Tribe

Author: Gwyneth Wint lIustrations: Helen Samuels Step inside this thrilling story of mystical flying birds, talking leopards, semi-friendly crocodiles and laughing hyenas.  Oral storytelling is an important tradition in most, if not all, indigenous cultures and has been an important feature … Continue reading

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