A fabulous night in Hastings!

Thank you Hastings for your warm  welcome to Habib Koite with his band Bamada, supported by Surahatta Susso + Juliet Russell with her band and the Vocal Explosion Choir.

Last night was a huge success!

We never succeed by our efforts alone, so big thanks go to…..

Ebou Touray & Jody Yebga for bringing Habib to the UK.

Our fabulous artists: Habib Koite &  Bamada, Surahatta Susso, Juliet Russell with her band and the Vocal Explosion Choir.

Thanks Sean Berkely, Charlie and the team at St Marys in the Castle for being so easy to work with.

Steve, Josh, Daniel and Orlando with equipment and sound.

Cath Tajima-Powell, Hannah Collison, Zaina and Veronique for the things you did  that made everything easier to manage.

To Cummin Up restaurant for their delicious food.

To the unstoppable energy of the woman who opened the dance floor.

To our Pestalozzi students with their fabulous dancing and youthful energy and finally but by no means least, thank you to everyone in the audience for getting out of the house, coming to the event and making it such a memorable experience.

Please feel free to share your memories and photos.

Thank you Hastings!

One love

Gwyneth x

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