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Afrikaba Radio brings you a showcase of World class World music. Catch the broadcast on KDWRADIO at 11 am Mondays, Eastern Time, 4 pm GMT. Replays 5pm/10pm Saturdays and at other times during the week.

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“Afrikaba embraces the beauty of the individual, offers inspiration from the arts and builds on the strengths of culture and heritage”



AfriKàBa started October 2010 in Hastings, Southeast England. It was conceptualised and delivered by Gwyneth Wint of ARTDev and supported by funding from Arts Council England and Hastings Borough Council.

What AfriKàBa does

AfriKàBa is an annual festival that showcases high quality work from artists with African and Caribbean heritage.

AfriKàBa engages audiences with enriching and unique experiences.

AfriKàBa works with schools, colleges, academies and libraries to give children and young people the opportunity to experience the rich diversity of Africa and learn of her universal legacy.

AfriKàBa programs an exciting, annual program for Black History Month, which in the UK takes place in October. Black History Month is a time to challenge clichéd ideas, re-contextualise history, and regain perspective on the rich and diverse continent that is Africa. It shows her strengths and contributions, which can be seen in culture, creativity, in resources, minerals, scientific discovery and the legacy in her children across the world.