AfriKàBa Adventure Story No. 1
– The Griot & The Wisdom Tribe

Afrikaba Adventure Story 2014 - The Griot & the Wisdom TribeAuthor:
Gwyneth Wint

Helen Samuels

The Griot and the Wisdom Tribe

The Griot & The Wisdom Tribe (St Leonards Edition)
Step inside this thrilling story of mystical flying birds, talking leopards, semi-friendly crocodiles and laughing hyenas.
Printed in black and white so you can colour it in!

This book is the legacy of a sunny day in the UK during Afrikaba 2014 when children and families were invited to take part in a storytelling walk.

The book was written by Gwyneth Wint.  The oral story was delivered jointly by Mary Dawson and the talented dancer, Shardarae Kasumu on Sunday 5 October 2014.

The walk started in the Bohemia Walled Garden, meandered through Summerfields woods, to finish in a clearing close to the historic Hastings Museum in East Sussex.

Oral storytelling is an important tradition in most, if not all, indigenous cultures and has been an important feature of the AfriKàBa Festival since inception.