Festival Archive

Each year, Afrikaba features a great line-up of artists from the UK and around the globe



  • Afrikaba 2015Seckou Keita, Senegalese Master of the West African string instrument called the Kora, supported by Welsh poet and singer Gwyneth Glynn.
  • Sizzling Afro-Colombian band Sonpikkante, led by Rafael Berrio.
  • Film screening of the movie, Dear White People, a witty satire on race relations in the age of Obama.



  • Afrikaba 2014 - Black History Month ProgramThe Mesmerising Dobet Gnahore, from Ivory Coast, one of the freshest talents in new African music singing in 7 languages and a wide variety of musical styles.
  • The  energising Afro-Cuban Salsa band, Grupo Lokito.
  • Delightful adventure stories at the Bohemia Walled Garden and Hastings Museum.
  • The Spoken Word Opera ‘Amplifier‘ film and performance by the eloquent HKB FiNN and band.
  • Dance workshop with the talented, Shardarae Kasumu.
  • Debate with renowned speakers, professors Gus John and Ted Cantle.


  • Afrikaba 2013Sona Jobarteh, Kora virtuosa. whose credits include the score for the film documentary, ‘Motherland’ screened during the festival.
  • Root Jackson & Co fusing jazz, blues, reggae and new funk.
  • Kasai Masai with  traditional sounds of remote equatorial villages and high energy Congolese music.
  • Powerful monologues from Gazebo’s Black History Series, ‘Sorry! No Coloureds, No Irish, No Dogs’.
  • Art Exhibition for Irene Mensah (1963 – 2013).
  • Ragarella and the DJ Don Fairytale, a Cinderella Raga-Reggae Pantomime with Pulsating reggae music and energetic street dance.


Afrikaba 2012 Brochure

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Afrikaba Lineup 2011

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Afrikaba 2010

2010 marked the launch of this brand new festival delivering the official Black History Month celebrations in Hastings.

Afrikaba 2010 featured Kora master, Seckou Keita with Sakama Live Show Band.

This musical collaboration between Brighton based Tanzanian band Sakama and West African Kora Maestro Seckou Keita is led by Sakama bandleader David Sijale. Sakama’s high energy dance music and majestic acrobatics, merge brilliantly with Seckou Keita’s charismatic Kora playing to produce some of the most unique combinations of East African percussion, Congolese High Pitch Guitars and West African Kora melodies.